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    UAV, Artillery, DogsAbility to set the amount of streaksFix MaprotationRandom MaprotationRotate map if emptyMap Rotation StackerHealthbarDrop healthBleeding with messages and soundsFirstaid systemTurrets On or OffTurret Overheating systemDetailed Helicopter SettingsDrop GrenadesWeapon Damage ModifiersDrop Weapon on Arm/Leg hitNameCheckerUnknown SoldierAntiCamping systemeXtreme Obituary'sVote Menu Delay/LimiterLaserdotSpawn ProtectionHardcore settingsHardcore UAVInvisible Spawn ProtectionLive Player StatseXtreme LogoAnnouncement SoundsFirstbloodPlayer connect/disconnectRange FinderWelcome MessagesServer MessagesDisplay Map RotationNext map and gametypeTeambalance Messages on or offBots for developersRedirectMultiple Forced Clientside DvarsVarious HiticonJump Height LimiterFall damage ModifiersBob FactorDead Bodies Sink After deathHardcore mode with Forced UAVEnhanced URL redirectVOIP displayHip Shooting MonitorAntirun monitorClosekill ProtectionThis is not an exhausted list of features!
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