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Before you take any action on the forum after registration, it is recommended to read it.

Recommendations for every user.

  1. We recommend that you know our rules, ignorance of them will not relieve you of responsibility. I didn’t know I didn’t see I didn’t hear they would not soften, but aggravate your position in the proceedings of this or that case.
  2. Try to check the literacy of your message, grammatical and syntax errors make it difficult to understand the essence of the issue.
  3. Do not divulge your account password. If someone breaks the rules on your behalf, you can get banned.
  4. If you DOUBT about the correctness of your actions when creating a topic or answer (as well as user behavior), contact the section moderators for help (nickname is marked in green), in cases of extreme importance, approved users can write questions to the site administration (nickname is highlighted in red) with a clear indication of an unsolvable problem (if the moderator refused to help or ignores).
  5. If you witnessed any violation on the server, then you can report the violation to the chat by specifying a link to the topic.
  6. After registering, do not rush to write topics right away, but first look around, read what other participants have already written, take part in other topics.
  7. PLEASE USE SEARCH before creating a new theme. Perhaps the question you want to ask has already been discussed.

It is prohibited on the forum:

  1. It is forbidden to register nicknames with obscenities (with foreign language inclusive), meaningless nicknames with an arbitrary or repeating set of letters, numbers, symbols, as well as using the same nicknames as for moderators and administrators - nicknames will be deleted or blocked.
  2. It is forbidden in chat, topics, signatures and profile statuses: swear, offend any users, write foul language, swear, and also write in transliteration and in all other languages, except Russian, write only in capital letters (Caps Lock), write posts in red (except moderators and administrators), ask questions regarding lifting the ban, complaints about administrators, moderators and other project participants - STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, there are special sections on the forum; use slang such as: blah, eprst, pzdts, ska, etc. - is regarded as a mate, hidden mate, abuse.
  3. It is forbidden to advertise other sites, links to forums or similar information on the subject that is not related to our project; infringement of the rights of users in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and other legislation; discussion of server hacking and harm to users and forums.
  4. It is forbidden to write meaningless responses (flooding), ridiculous jokes (insulting), trolling (pressure on the user). For non-compliance, an instant punishment is imposed from a decrease in reputation to a ban for a day.
  5. It is forbidden to change the reputation of the user (+ 1 / -1) without reason.
  6. It is forbidden for one user to register more than one account.
  7. It is forbidden to use vulgar and cruel avatars, swastikas or vandalism.
  8. It is forbidden to argue with the moderators and administrators of the forum! It is also impossible to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators.
  9. It is forbidden to discuss the same issue in different sections, in different topics, or to duplicate topics and messages in different places of the forum (for constant non-observance, the moderator has the right to reduce your reputation).
  10. Before creating a topic - make sure that you have chosen the correct topic for the section.
  11. The title of the topic should make it clear what it is about. (for example: subject "offer", but inside the description -> is immediately deleted)
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