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Ultrastats v.0.3.12 - 0.3.16

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About This File

Скрипт Web статистики. Поддерживает все выпуски Call of Duty (1-5).


Версия 0.3.16

  • Added database updtae V9 including the new map inserts for CodWAW
  • Patch 1.4 and 1.5.
  • Added pictures for CodWAW maps from Patch 1.4 and 1.5
  • Added fix for death calculations on rounds-detail page

Версия 0.3.15

  • Added support for new action style logging of CodWAW.
  • Added database update script for DB Version 8 including inserts for gametype specific actions of CodWAW Patch 1.3
  • Added support for JT loglines (joinTeam)
  • Added another fix for the time calculation. As long as the last file modifcation timestamp of the gamelog is valid, the roundtimes should be accurate.
  • Added a killratio calculation fix in parser submitted by silent ( silent AT ccmail DOT cc )
  • Invalid Rounds won't be shown anymore and fixed Round Action display
  • Fixed some notice errors in parser helper.
  • Round Starttime is printed in debug now as well
  • Added counter for select statements
  • Fixed a typo in constants script

Версия 0.3.14

  • Changes and bugfixes
  • Added compatibilty support for CodWAW Patch 1.3.
  • Minor other bugfixes needed to fully support CodWAW Patch 1.3

Версия 0.3.13

New features:

  • Added Icons for gameversions to the top left on the menubar.
  • Added SQL_BIG_SELECTS workaround for certain databases.
  • Number of Top Players on main page is configureable now
  • Added searchpage for searching in the chatlogs
  • Added workaround for changed ACTION logging format of Pam4 in Cod4!
  • However Pam4 still breaks log format in a way that some features like chatlogging will not work with PAM4.

Changes and bugfixes:

  • Fixed PHP4 compatibility issues in logparser
  • Fixed Donate Button
  • Added database upgrade V7, including important changes in the database.
  • Adds also missing weapons, maps and other stuff automatically, also on existing installations.
  • Fixed SD Gametype default for codww, empty gametypes will be displayed with gametype id on main page now.
  • Fixed "WTF OMFG" Error when playertime was 0 seconds, proberly because client directly disconnected
  • Fixed strange increment error in install.php

Версия 0.3.12

New features:

  • Added new general frotnend options, to inject html code at certain places, prepend a string in the title tag and customize the UltraStats Logo url.
  • Added help text for FTP Create button.
  • Added display of the current configured game.
  • Added check if gamelogfile is actually writeable.
  • Added quick and dirty support for download gamelogfiles over http.
  • Just a fully qualified http url instead of ftp, the stats parser automatically detect.

Changes and bugfixes:

  • Fixed Sniper Medal for Codww
  • Removed some minor issues with missing templates variables.
  • Fixed serious security issue of reading the serverid parameter.
  • Fixed problem with session initialization on Microsoft IIS Webservers.
  • Fixed a problem in the default db templates, causing some mysql 4 version to fail durign installation.
  • Added support to display new weapon ids proberly and correct.
  • Fixed minor notice bug when reading script timeout from db settings.
  • Fixed PB Guid detection string
  • Fixed Knife medal for CodWW and fixed minor bug in the medals page template.
  • Fix detection of command line mode, which also fixes php session management.
  • Added fix for "SQL_BIG_SELECT" errors in logparser.

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