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ACE Mod 5.6

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About This File

Очередная версия ACE мода для CoD WW:

  • как всегда добавлены режимы игры CTFB, HTF, VIP, и CH
  • голосование за режим и карту в конце каждой игры
  • добавлены боты для тестирования
  • логотип сервера или клана
  • ранговая и неранговая система
  • случайная ротация карт
  • парашют в начале каждого раунда ( возможность игрока спускатся на парашюте в начале каждого раунда или после каждой смерти )
  • ночной режим
  • автоматический редирект с сервера на другой сервер
  • опции реализма ( типа винтовка в прыжке убирается )
  • повреждение или потеря оружия
  • защита возрождения + наказание игрока нападавшего на возрожденого внезапно игрока
  • приветствие и сообщения сервера без приставки console:
  • возможность замены плохих имен игроков
  • антикемперная система
  • и множество других особенностей данного мода.


Версия 5.6

  • Made the mod fully compatible with the 1.6 patch this means that aside a couple tiny not important codelines only the new maps were added to the previous mod version.
  • Only the mod.ff needs to be swapped out on server and redirect.

Версия 5.5

  • Made the mod fully compatible with the 1.5 patch this means that aside two tiny not important codelines only the new maps were added to the previous mod version.
  • There are NO config changes and to upgrade to 5.5 only the mod.ff needs to be swapped out on server and redirect.

Версия 5.41

  • Added maprotation devider.
  • Re-instated several custom material files.
  • Re-added marshal protected guids.
  • Reduced materials to fix the "2048 materials" error.(yes, confusing isnt it?...lol..first i say reinstated..now i say reduced, dont worry all is good)
  • Minor bugfixes.

Версия 5.4

  • Added new code from 1.4 patch to the mod.
  • Added new stock game dvars into the cfg files.
  • Added score value's overrides, you can now set your own score for kills etc.
  • Added maprotation devider.

Версия 5.3


  • Minor: Fixed stock bug in CTF where you got double scorepoints for capturing a flag.
  • Minor: Fixed kick to spectator (if enabled) when numlives was set to more then 0.
  • Minor: Fixed kick to spectator still running after map had ended.(for example in endgame mapvoting).
  • Minor: Fixed CTFB bug.
  • Minor: Cleaned up hud more when the mapvote screen comes up, the outcome screen was still beneath it.
  • Minor: Added missing logcode bit for stats programs, (i forgot some).
  • Minor: Got rid of extended obit message that you pulled the grenade to soon when you get selected as VIP.
  • Medium: Hopefully fixed bug where player could get invinsible if parachuted.


  • Changes: Bodysink, doesnt sink in this game so i deleted that option , now only can set if you want the body to be deleted or not and after how long.
  • Changed: Parachute protection dvars in playercontrol.cfg are now obsolete, protection is now controled by normal spawn protection.
  • Changed: Discription of scr_intermission_time.
  • Changed: Rearranged and added fatality and roadkill messages and sounds to the sounds and messages options of the ace_obits (werent attached to it before...you couldnt switch them off). Also roadkill messages are not linked anymore to explosions.


  • Added a dvar to turn on or off the "low ammo, reload, no ammo" messages.
  • Added knife throwing, with weapons enabled or knife only with no other weapons.

Версия 5.2


  • Minor: Fixed runtime error when a player disconnects while powerranking.
  • Minor: Various code optimalizations.
  • Minor: Fixed anticamping when game was finished (endmap voting..you could get the message "camper").
  • Minor: Fixed parachutes not deleting after player died.
  • Medium: Weapon pools caused crash on mp_castle and crash on HTF, added code line to disable wep pools on that map and/or gametype.
  • Added: Third option for welcome messages, an upscreen hud without typewriter sound (was mighty annoying).
  • Added: Obituary support for LR sniper rifles (projectile).
  • Added: Voiceover sounds for quickchat menu.
  • Added: Dvar to turn on or off the quickmessage sounds. For those who deleted the sounds from the iwd because they dont like them or want a small iwd file you should set this dvar to "0", otherwise they will spit out error messges in the console.
  • Added: Customizable Server Intel screen.
  • Added: 1.3 patch stats logging code.
  • Added: Teambalance delay and interval dvars.
  • Added: Spectating dvar.
  • Changed: dvar "set scr_vehicles_enabled" now can be used globally, per map or gametype.
  • Changed: dvar "set scr_hardpoint_allowartillery" now can be used globally, per map or gametype.
  • Changed: dvar "set scr_hardpoint_allowdogs" now can be used globally, per map or gametype.
  • Changed: dvar "set scr_hardpoint_allowradar" now can be used globally, per map or gametype.
  • Changed: dvar for spectatetype.
  • Removed: ace_free_spectate dvar in playercontrol.cfg, now merged with the 2 dvars in codserver.cfg
  • Removed: Marshals in readyup feature

Версия 5.1


  • Critical: Fixed DOM gametype, frose server if rotated to.
  • Medium: Changed gametype "ace_dom" to "adom" including all .cfg dvars, this in consult with the awe-dev team to keep compatability for mappers (awe's version was called "awe_dom", now also "adom").
  • Minor: Fixed localized string for adom gametype.
  • Minor: Fixed some bot loading errors in ranking mode.
  • Minor: Fixed turret overheating hud, didnt show.
  • Minor: Relocated healthbar a bit when playing non hardcore twar.
  • Minor: Tried to fix snipetdm, needs testing. (only tdm maps!!!).
  • Minor: Changed laserdot settings, replaced 4 assets by a shader, hopefully helps a bit with 2400 image assets limit errors. I know it works on at least 1 map that otherwise got this error.
  • Minor: Fixed localized string for medikit.
  • Minor: Fixed error when player disconnected while parachuting.
  • Added: Radar view time, you can now set the amount of time the radar is active. 1 to 120 seconds.
  • Added: Weapon pools (spawning of extra weps on the map), ty to AWE for the code.


  • Updated and cleaned various .cfg files, please check your existing .cfg files against the ones provided in this download.
  • From this point on i will provide specific details on the where and what if any changes are made in the .cfg files.

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