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Hacker22 weapons mod v.5.0 (Final)

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About This File



Mod creators:


Hacker22 - Scripter, model Rigger

X4 Dev Team - X4 3.0 Beta Scripts


Список стандартных карт несовместимые с модом


* mp_citystreets (1000 Xmodel Assets)

* mp_crossfire (1000 Xmodel Assets)

* mp_Broadcast (1000 Xmodel Assets)

* mp_vacant (1000 Xmodel Assets)

* mp_Carentan (Out of Memory Error....)

* mp_backlot (1000 Xmodel Assets)


About the Mod:


The mod is basically an attempt at a total Conversion mod to try and bring MW2 to COD4 it adds a lot of weapons and a few MW2 Character models and combined with X4 3.0 it seems pretty stable.




* All the Features of X4 3.0 except for a few bugged parts that i fixed/improved upon


changes from Beta 2.0


* Added Dvars to Disable Custom Classes

* Fixed a load of Scripting Errors in X4 3.0

* Removed Minigun from LMG menu and added the M40A3 (M24 in this mod) back to the sniper menu

* Added Custom Firesounds for all custom weapons

* added Silencer to the M14 EBR acog (can be removed in the weaponfiles)

* Added Harriers to the flybys

* Added Harriers as a Killstreak

* Added Standing by messages for all Killstreaks

* Added Notifies for all killstreaks

* Added the Sentry Turret

* rerigged Spas 12 as it was bugged

* added the Double barrelled Shotty from COD WAW

* Added the US Ranger model and Shadow Company Model from COD MW2

* changed the manned Chopper to a Blackhawk

* added the nuke from Openwarfare as it was better than mine xD

* Changed the Cobra to an Apache

* Fixed Dead silence ( I Hope )

* changed the allied Airstrike to be Harriers instead of Migs (didnt see any reason to keep the russian planes when ur playing as USA or TF 141)

* Removed several Custom Models present in X4 3.0 removed to save Xmodels

Vehicle_uav: Sorry Guys did it to save Xmodels

Jokers Stealth: Sorry Guys also to save Xmodels

Mig: didnt see the point in a custom model for the mig when it was exactly the same as the one already in game and to save Xmodels

Silenced M21: Replaced

Viewmodel_Minigun: Not used in X4 3.0 so i removed it to save Xmodels

projectile_slamraam_missile: Not used anywhere except the punishments i deemed the Hellfire missile more than appropriate for this purpose also to save Xmodels


Killstreaks in no particular order xD


UAV: calls in a UAV (no aerial Drone anymore sorry)

Airstrike: Call in Harriers(if allies) or Migs (if axis) to do a Bombing Run

Helicopter:Call in an Apache (if allies) or a Hind if(Axis) (interchangeable with the blackhawk)

Blackhawk Gunner: Man the Passenger seats of a Blackhawk Chopper and shoot players from the air xD

Napalm:Stock X4 Staple

Sentry Gun: Spawn a sentry gun on your position

Harriers:Call in a Harrier Bombing Run then a Harrier stays behind and administers Death from above

AC130: call in an AC130 (shoot with Rockets to bring it down nice and fast)

EMP: Activate an EMP which will Remove almost all your HUD and destroy all Vehicles, Sentry Guns or other killstreaks except the Nuke

Tactical Nuke: Call in a Tactical Nuke


Custom weapons Beta 3.0


Format = COD4 Weapon:New Weapon: Attachments for new weapon

if a weapon isnt listed it is unchanged

M9 Beretta: Glock 18C: Silencer

Colt 45: more modern Colt 45: Silencer

Desert Eagle: Colt Anaconda: None (COD4 Default)

Gold Desert Eagle: new Desert Eagle: one (COD4 Default)

M16A4: MW2 M16A4: M203 Grenade Launcher,Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights, Silencer

AK-47: AK-47 MW2 style: GP25 Grenade Launcher,Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights, Silencer

M4 Carbine: M4A1 MW2: M203 Grenade Launcher,Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights, Silencer

HK G3: Bushmaster ACR: M203 Grenade Launcher,Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights, Silencer

Hk G36C: FN Scar-H: M203 Grenade Launcher,MW2 Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights, Silencer

M14: L85A1 SA80: M203 Grenade Launcher,Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights, Silencer

MP44: XR2: Cobra Sight

Mp5: UMP45 : Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights, Silencer

Skorpion: MP5k: Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights, Silencer

Mini Uzi: TMP: Mw2 Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights, Silencer

P90: M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun : Aperture Sight(WAW), Silencer(WAW), Iron Sights, Dual attachment (Aperture and Silencer)

ak74u: Kriss Super V (Vector) MW2 reflex Sight,Iron Sights, Silencer

M249 Saw: L86 LSW:Reflex Sight, Acog (custom), Iron Sights

RPD: RPD MW2: Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights,Grip Handle

M60E4: M240: Reflex Sight, Acog, Iron Sights,Grip Handle

Winchester1200: Double barrell Shotgun: Long Stock, Sawn off + Grip,

Benelli M1014: Spas-12: Iron Sights,MW2 Reflex Sight, Grip Handle

M40A3: M24: M24 Scope, Acog

M21: M14 EBR: M14 EBR Scope, Acog, Silencer(Can be Disabled Via Weaponfile)

Remington 700: Cheytac M200 "Intervention": M200 Scope, Acog

**New Updated Features Added**

New Class System.

New Weapon - Kriss Super V (Vector) SMG.

New Weapon - Crossbow (replaces c4 in perks).

New Weapons Anims.

New Harrier.

New Menu Icons.

Drop Money When You Die.


Custom Player Models:


US Marines:

Assault: Grenadier US Ranger

Spec Ops: First Recon US Ranger

Heavy Gunner: Overwatch US Ranger

Demolitions: Close Quarters US Ranger

Sniper: Scout Sniper US Ranger


Assault: Grenadier Shadow Company Ranger

Spec Ops: First Recon Shadow Company Ranger

Heavy Gunner: Overwatch Shadow Company Ranger

Demolitions: Close Quarters Shadow Company Ranger

Sniper: Scout Sniper Shadow Company Ranger

SAS: Urban Woodland

Assault: Grenadier Soap Mactavish Ghost Afghan Clothing

Spec Ops: First Recon Mw2 Captain Price Unchanged

Heavy Gunner: Overwatch Ghost Afghan Clothing Soap Mactavish

Demolitions: Close Quarters Unchanged Ghost Wetsuit

Sniper: Scout Sniper Unchanged MW2 Captain Price

Spetsnaz: Urban: Normal:

Assault: Grenadier MW2 Russian Soldier MW2 Russian Soldier

Spec Ops: First Recon Unchanged Unchanged

Heavy Gunner: Overwatch Juggernaught uggernaught

Demolitions: Close Quarters Unchanged Unchanged

Sniper: Scout Sniper MW2 Russian Soldier MW2 Russian Soldier


Current known issues:


* few maps dont work due to Xmodel limits

-Fix - remove them from the map rotation


Special thanks:


A small list of people I would like to thank.

* =SF= Phoenix for the Nuke Code.

* the X4 Development Team for making such a first rate mod.

* Treyarch for releasing the sources for some of there Models and for making Mod tools.

* Infinity Ward for making COD4 and the COD4 mod tools and Also for making MW2.

Enjoy the mod!


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