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  1. Mod WW2X

    Modification for Call of Duty 2 multiplayer 1.3
    Name : WW2X
    Version: 1.8c
    Author : Wizzard220, Wildcard, Astoroth
    Site : http://www.wildcardonline.nl

    If you think this mod has brought new life into your CoD server and got
    a few dollars(or euros) to spend, go here: http://www.wildcardonline.nl

    Full compatibility on Call of Duty 2 stock gametypes and gametypes prepared for WW2X


    Drop Weapon on arm/hand hit is based on - Poolmaster (http://ediv.codfiles.com)
    Merciless but propably origins from
    Poolmasters Realism Mod (PRM)

    Taunts - -={AA}=-Bjusterbaarlik, converted for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc

    Cold breath is based on forums posts by - French Daddy and [MW]gitman

    Map voting based on code by - NC-17(codam, powerserver) (REWORKED BY wizard220**)

    Health regeneration modifications - Wanna Ganoush -- www.anarchic-x.com

    Killcam time overriding - soco11

    Duplicate name check - trydis

    Colored smoke grenades - Dale

    Satchel charges - Mr. WhiZZlE & Ms. Bojangles, converted and enhanced for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc

    Capture the Flag back - Matthias from Admiralmod coverted for WW2X by La Truffe
    Domination 3 - Matthias, converted from admiral mod by Nedgerblansky, OddBall, and Tally
    made WW2X compatable by Wildcard aka Marc

    Onslaught - OddBall, converted for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc

    Last Man Standing - Bell, converted for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc
    Last Team Standing - Bell, converted for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc
    Hold the Flag - Bell, converted for WW2X by Astoroth and Wildcard aka Marc
    Sprint and some other features - Bell

    Conquest - Original scripting by Innocent Bystander, converted for WW2X by Tally and UncleBone

    Disabling of grenade icons, - bullet-worm
    forcing exploitable dvars,
    quick compass ping fading,
    ideas taken from Powerserver

    Falldamage modifiers - Dorian / Jazz

    Knive mod - Model and orriginal standalone wepcode by SevenSniff, enhanced and made throwable for WW2X by
    Wildcard aka Marc

    LIB - [iD]HW, ported over for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc.

    Deployable mg's - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky), converted over from awe3.2 for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc
    VIP - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky)
    ESD - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky), converted over from awe3.2 for WW2X by Wildcard aka Marc
    VIP - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky)
    Indvidual Hold The Flag 1.2 - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky)
    160 callvote system - La Truffe (latruffe666@hotmail.com) (Nedgerblansky)

    50 endgame mapvoting system - Bell, Wizz, Astoroth, greatly enhanced by PatmanSan

    Ingame stats system - Bell, Wizz, Astoroth, greatly enhanced by PatmanSan

    The rest - Wizzard220, Wildcard (aka Marc), Astoroth

    Suggestions, ideas, feedback and inspiration - All the people in the various CoD forums

    Additional credits to:, Bell, Number 7, Matthius, PatmanSan, Tnic, Sevensniff, Paulo88 and those we forgot ?
    If you feel you were left out or have the right to be credited please contact me and ill add them accordingly.

    - Satchel charges
    - Inactivity kicker
    - Weapon on Back addon
    - Deployable mg30cal and mg42
    - Fire and gas grenades and sticky bombs
    - Turret overheater
    - Mobile mg30cal and mg42
    - Range finder
    - Landmines
    - Vote menu limiter/delay
    - Throwable Knives
    - Parachutes
    - Weather effects
    - Server redirecting
    - Tracers
    - Ambient planes
    - Disable stock map fx
    - Clan specific welcome messages and voting options
    - Bleeding and bleeding messages
    - Ingame statistics board
    - Livestats
    - Movie mode
    - Spectate/death/end/stats/voting music
    - Announcement sounds
    - Teamkill detection with different punishments.
    - Abbility to autokick spectators or inactive players
    - Server messages
    - Welcome messages
    - Disable minefields
    - Server/Clan logo text and/or picture
    - Sprinting
    - Map voting
    - Customizable killcam time
    - Healthbar
    - Random maprotation
    - Playerbased maprotation
    - Maprotation error correction
    - Painsounds
    - Deathsounds
    - Checking and renaming of duplicate player names
    - Anti camping system
    - Extended obituary messages
    - Turret abuse system
    - Disable deathicons
    - Disable nadeicons
    - Disable stanceicons
    - Disable weapon drops
    - Disable grenade drops
    - Disable pistols
    - Disable objective points
    - Disable damage feedback
    - Disable/Force crosshair
    - Disable/Force crosshair enemy color
    - Disable health regeneration
    - Colored smoke grenades
    - Headpopping
    - Helmetpopping
    - Damage modifiers
    - Unknown Soldier handling
    - Blood splatter on screen
    - Cold breath
    - Change gravity
    - Change speed
    - Healthpacks/Medikits
    - Mortars
    - Tripwires frag and smoke grenades
    - Remove bodies and sink bodies
    - Ammo limiting
    - Weapon limiting
    - Dvar to stop clientside exploits
    - Spawn protection
    - Selectable secondary weapon
    - Turret disabling
    - Rotating MOTD
    - Command monitor
    - Weapon drop on arm/hand/leg/foot hit
    - Forced autoassign
    - Taunts
    - Player model limiter
    - Laserdot
    - Bulletholes on screen
    - Ranksystem with rankicons
    - Ammo crates
    - Panzerschrecks
    - G43 Sniper
    - Weapon class usage option
    - Enemy weapon usage
    - Grenade warning
    - WMD contol (option to set a rank that allows you to call in airstrikes, mortars, artillery and napalm)
    - Prolly forgot a few

    Custom Gametypes
    - Capture the Flag Back (CTFB)
    - Classic Headquarters (CHQ)
    - Conquest (CNQ)
    - Domination (DOM)
    - Enhanced Search and Destroy (ESD)
    - Hold the Flag (HTF)
    - Individual Hold the Flag (IHTF)
    - Last Team Standing (LTS)
    - Last Man Standing (LMS)
    - Liberation (LIB)
    - Onslaught (ONS)
    - Very Important Person (VIP)

    First i want to make clear that mods, ANY mods must be in their own modfolder and NEVER in the Main folder.

    For an example we will name the mod folder "WW2X" ...but this can be any name you want, i would sugest an unique name tho.
    An other word for modfolder is fs_game folder.
    So for now we will use "WW2X" as the modfolder.
    As your codserver.cfg we will use the name server.cfg in this example.
    As your ip we will use in this example.

    Before installation: remove all older versions of this mod if you have one.

    1: In your servers cod2 installation folder (where the main folder is located) create a new directory called WW2X (not IN the main folder..but next to it)
    2: In this WW2X folder you now place ALL the mod .iwd files AND the scriptdata folder and all the .cfg files that belong to the mod.
    3: If you never had a modfolder before then your server.cfg file is prolly located in the MAIN folder.....and you should move that to the WW2X folder.
    (your server.cfg can also be named..config.cfg, codserver.cfg, server.cfg, whatever.cfg)

    4: Associate the configuration files (.cfg’s) with notepad or if your fancy something like ‘Ultra Edit’ and associate the iwd’s with ‘Winrar’.
    Open ALL the configuration files and set things the way you want them, the settings that are in there at the moment are to my liking and work quite well but it’s your choice not mine.
    Please spend A LOT of time doing this so you get it all nice!

    5: Open up the folder called scriptdata and in there you see several files, go in to the one called _wwx_clanlogo.gsc
    associate the gsc with notepad or the like and edit the name in between “” quotes ONLY!, save the file and then your clans name will appear bottom right.

    6: Open up the file called WW2X1.8.iwd (using Winrar) and in there you see several folders, go in to the folder called localizedstrings, and associate the custom.str file
    with you text editor (do not use EXCEL!), inside this file is where you set your custom text to appear on screen in the game,
    follow the instructions carefully and DO NOT ALTER the structure of the file, just the text between the quotes (you must leave the quotes)


    To start your server with the WW2X mod from your modfolder the commandline should be something like this:

    "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2cod2mp_s.exe" +set fs_game WW2X +set net_ip +exec server.cfg +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +map_rotate

    Known Issues
    Linux Servers: You can now use extented obituaries (set wwx_obituary "8") but its NOT advisable or recommended
    If you enable anything above setting 4 then your console log WILL get ENORMOUS.
    If you dont care, or dont use a console log...well then whats stopping ya......

    Linux Servers: Same goes for the WW2X statsboard, it does show names now but will clutter your console log

    Head and helmet popping are known to cause server crashes

    Using the rain setting can cause serious lag on your server

    Knives cant be picked up again after you switched them with another weapon
    Knife impact on players occasionly causes them to blow up.

    Fire/gas/stickie bombs use heavy fx....may cause lag on your server when overused


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  2. Merciless Mod для Call of Duty 2

    Merciless был переделан с самых основ, для того, чтобы представить своим фанатам обширный список восхитительных особенностей. В Merciless теперь есть уникальная система Class & Skill, новый HUD и некоторые новые виды оружия, такие как гранаты с зажигательной смесью, Mustard Gas grenades, переносные пулеметы, взрывной пакет, Панцерфаусты, Базуки, и многое другое. (Официальный список всех новшеств разработчики пока не соизволили представить на своей фирменной страничке.) Но в основном, вопреки уже сложившимся традициям всех предыдущих серий этой модификации, акцент поставлен на кровь разбрызганных мозгов и фрагменты человеческих тел. Новая система классов (Class) была создана специально для того, чтобы улучшить командную игру, а система навыков (Skill) основывается на вашем стиле ведения боя. То есть, чем больше вы будете делать headshotов, тем сильнее будет расти точность, и чем сильнее будете бить штыком, тем круче увеличится сила.


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  3. AWE

    Классика! Мод ведет свою историю от первого КоД. Данная версия имеет номер 3.0 бета 10, что является последней на данный момент.

    Список настраиваемых возможностей:
    Наказание за убийство игрока из своей команды.
    Повреждения при падениях.
    Запрет на одинаковые ники. Долой клонов!
    Растяжки (!).
    Можно изменять убойность оружия.
    Рандом карт на сервере.
    Разноцветный дым.
    Увеличение кровавости.
    Пофиксен бег.
    Каску теперь можно потерять, мило, не правда ли?
    Убран надоедливый красный прицел при наведении на врага.
    Пар из о рта при дыхании (зимой).
    После выдергивиния чеки гранату можно бросать не сразу.
    Новые звуки смертей.
    Убраны подсказки о гранатах.
    Настройка регенерации жизни, так же изменен сам индикатор.
    Можно отменить поднятие гранат с трупов.
    Тоже самое с оружием.
    Новый режим игры "Hold the Flag" (на карте один флаг, который нужно спереть и бегать с ним, пока не получишь пулю между лопаток. И многое другое..


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  4. Admiral Mod

    Отменная модификация, воплощающая в игре множество оригинальных идей. Среди прочих отметим широкоэкранный режим, в котором игра смотрится более кинематографично, а также функцию бега, активирующуюся нажатием клавиши F, добавленную полоску здоровья, задержку взрыва гранат, защиту при респауне, новый компас, показывающий кемперов, и возможность отключать минные поля, иконку смерти, индикаторы гранат и цели.


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  5. Файл реальных звуковых эфектов

    Файл реальных звуковых эфектов


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  6. Файл добавления эфектов крови

    кровь везде, на стенах, на одежде и на оружии. распаковать в папку main.


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